Music journalists have been on the whole much more aware of swervedriver's greatness than the music industry. Lets hear what they have to say.

If you notice any bad or missing links please email me. I am especially looking for scans of magazine reviews. If you send it I will post it.

'Star Ledger article 2-27-98 (scan)
here (big ~ 2 megs)

epinions review of Mezcal Head

Insightful and Informative review of Mezcal Head by Pop Matters

Review of Swervedriver Live in Vancouver 1998

99th Dream review by

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Consumable Online: 99th Dream Review

Gripe Vine: "Swervedriver Deserve Better"

iMusic Indie Showcase Duel & Ejector Seat Review

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JAM! Showbiz: 3 Good Articles Swervedriver Feature Article

mu Magazine: Article

Pause and Play: Article

The Providence Phoenix: "Mis-labeled" Article

Salon Magazine - "The one shitty review I could find!" Swervedriver

SonicNet (Search for "Swervedriver") It's a pain, but there's a good article.

Ultimate Band List

Willamette Week: 99th Dream Review

Ajay's April '98 Interview

Eye Magazine Article/Interview/Bio-thing

Brent McDonald's Interview with Adam Franklin

KSCU Shmade #2 Interview

Jeff Turner's Interview with Jez

Magnet Magazine - Photo & Jez Quote

Tell #4 (German Zine) Interview

Firesideometer Interview with Adam Franklin

Excerpts form Rider by Jez (and a glimpse of the old site)

2003 interview with Adam Franklin by under the radar

Pitchfork talks about the fall 03 tour