Nice youtube video of Jimmy demoing tone rider guitar pickups from a store called He puts them through the paces with great parts from our favorite songs.

Toshack Highway website

amazing swervedriver likes and dislikes from melody maker

mezcal head post card front back

swervedriver information network member card

two skyscraper album scans

setlist Adam Franklin of Swervedriver tour. The show was at the Velvet Lounge in Washington, DC on November 12, 2003.

swervedriver water pistol picture

Creation swervedriver promo picture - signed

Swervedriver promo tape rare (image from ebay auction I lost!)

High quality black and white swervedriver concert pictures from 1992

Shake Appeak (Adam and Jimmy's first band) single scans sleeve (front back) record (front back)

Swervedriver ticket from 03/13/98 (sponsor of fall 03 tour)

Setlist from an adam franklin solo show on june 7th, 2001 at maxwell's in hoboken, nj.

Art's other site -

Swervedriver Radio

Ticket from 05/29/98 show

Swervedriver 05/29/98 setlist

Adam Franklin 07/02/01 setlist

Adam Franklin 07/13/03 flyer

Nice interview with Jez including a pic of Jez on a motorcycle recording sounds for 'last train to satansville'.